The project was born in 2016, in Haiti, where Arturo Vittori -the founder- was working with artisans and companies. It is a story of encounters, human vicissitudes, handicraft and local traditions of rural communities.



The idea was born much earlier, during a trip to Ethiopia in 2012. This experience, later extended to various African countries, Asia and South America, has grown inside of him the desire of changing the perception of these countries, rich in culture and able of creating objects of sophisticated elegance.


Unique pieces born from the fusion of Italian Design, ancient traditions from isolated communities, and new possibilities offered by the most recent technologies. Innovate while respecting the environment and the local heritage of endangered ancient knowledge.



“We act locally in a global context,” said Arturo Vittori. Culture à Porter aims to work in places such as Ethiopia, Haiti, Colombia, India, Sumba, Madagascar, and Nepal, and promote them in the World's major cultural capitals as Tokyo, New York, and London, among others.

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Culture à Porter aims to empower the isolated communities all around the world, promoting their handicrafts by creating inedited products made locally for an international market, allowing the economic, social and ethnic development.

Culture a Porter


Temporary ateliers under the Warka Tree, where grandparent’s know-how and wisdom transfer to the younger members of the community. Each artisan contributes, according to their possibilities, abilities, and means, to the fulfilment of these works.



Culture à Porter supports social initiatives. The company’s profit is equally shared between Culture à Porter, Local artisans, and Warka Water Inc.

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The Warka Water Inc focuses on innovative & sustainable solutions to some of the humanity's most enduring problems through the fusing of local knowledge & resources; visionary design; and ancient traditions. Warka Tower is one of its projects.

Warkawater Inc


Warka Tower is conceived to provide fundamental resources (water, food, energy), but it also represents a social center of the community and a symbol of collaboration, where the workshops take place. It is the place in which different generations get together and share knowledge, tradition, and culture.



Giving international visibility to the artisans’ work by showing the collection in runways and through the website from where it is possible to acquire the pieces of the collection through the online store.


All the art crafts are realized with biodegradable or recycled materials. “Traditions must be innovated in order to be kept alive and transmitted to future generations” , Said Arturo Vittori

Inedited products realized by local handicraft of the isolated communities, where ancient traditions are mixed with cutting edge technologies, to allow the economic, social and ethnical development.

The Warka Water Inc focuses on innovative & sustainable solutions to some of humanity's most enduring problems through the fusing of local knowledge & resources; visionary design; & ancient traditions.

Architecture and Vision is a cutting edge practice incolved in art, architecture, product & transportation design, know for developing elegant, ecological & economic solutions for our planet.

Develops, Produces & Markets everyday "objects", which are distinguished by Strong Innovative contents with aim to enhance Interactivity among /Users, Objects & their environment.